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Black Squeegee TPU Scraper PPF Transparent Film Scraper Car Film Tool 6.5cm 10cm 12cm

Length: 6.5/10/12cm

Width: 7.5cm (3in)

Color: black

Material: Beef Tendon (Rubber)


1.Multifunction,flexible,soft material without scratch

2.High quality,

3.Use for form window solar filming;

4.Easy to clean the tint on the window shield;


6.Easy to use and have long life.


1.Vinyl car film wrap install tools,wallpaper/window stickers install tool, building tools, industry tools,advertisement film install tool, mobile screen protective film install tool.

2.Car/window glass/house/office cleaning tool,water wiper,dust remover,old glue remover.

3.Vehicle window tint tool