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  • Its products and services in terms of payment through the site, if quantities or delivery are requested, are currently exclusively for those who own the franchise rights.

  • Yes, you can pay with all cards available on the site.

  • It is a commercial contract between two parties, in which the first is the franchisor, in this case, the “pattern company”, the exclusive owner of the Italian Dettaglioauto brand in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf, and the second is the franchisor “the investor”.
  • Yes, washing and polishing service in Riyadh only. For service requests and inquiries, we are happy to serve you by booking the service through the website.
  • The company uses non-chemical, biodegradable and environmentally friendly products, specially manufactured in Italy and exclusively with us in Dettaglioauto Saudi Arabia.
  • The company uses its equipment manufactured with an environmentally friendly (eco) system specially manufactured in Italy and exclusively with us in Dettaglioauto Saudi Arabia.
  • We are proud at Dettaglioauto Saudi Arabia to provide film protection services with international standards, as we rely on sustainable cutting using the one-piece system, and we have technicians trained to the highest standards and quality with a guarantee of installation and disassembly.
  • Thermal insulating films Dettaglioauto manufactured with nano-ceramic technology all over the world come with a 10-year guarantee.

  • Dettaglioauto thermal insulation films to protect against the sun’s heat and infrared rays are used to withstand the harshest conditions and are environmentally friendly and for your electronic devices.

  • The centers are distinguished by the fact that all Dettaglioauto services provide express with a guarantee.
  • Using a polishing device and special materials, scratches are removed and the original luster of the interior is restored.
  • Yes, we have sterilization using ozone technology, where a comprehensive sterilization of the car interior ensures the removal of bacteria and suspended odors using the sterilizer with the exclusive ozone technology from Dettaglioauto.

  • Dettaglioauto is the world’s best company that cares about nanoceramic films for thermal insulation, protection, polishing and innovative, unique and high quality eco-friendly nanoceramic products that Dettaglioauto customers deserve.