SWS Eco-Detergent with Carnauba. Specific for steam car exterior cleaning.


If the steam machine detergent tank capacity is of 5 liters the dilution should be done with 4950ml of water and 50ml of SWS product.

With 5 liters of SWS you make 500 liters of ready to use solution

Biodegradabilità > 90%. 

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Detergent for steam car-body exterior cleaning. (1% dilution).
It reduces the time and leave long lasitng shine effect and protective finishing.

With 5 liters of SWS it is possible to make 500 liters of ready to use solution

Maintain your car clean and shiny, safely and easily: this is the dream of every car driver who really love their car. With SWS, exclusively formulated with natural Carnauba wax, the dream becomes true! In fact, our fast cleaner can often be used to remove dirt, protecting the car body. Use SWS as often as you like: you will have a car always shiny, clean and protected!

Instructions for use: STEER BEFORE USE.

To use with steam cleaners: dilute in water at 1% and pour the solution into the detergent tank of the steam cleaner. Spray the solution with the steam on the car body evenly, remove by using the steam only and with a microfiber cloth.

Composition (art. 8 L. 7/86, Reg 648/2004/CE): <5% nonionic surfactants, citric sodium. Contains conservatives (phenoxyethanol <0,7%).

Does not contain phosphorus. For professional use. Art. 2 and 4 L. 136/83:

Biodegradability > 90%.