Glass and dust self-drying cleaner, free of halos

Biodegradabilità > 90%. 

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Glass and dust selfdrying cleaner, free of halos.

It cleans, makes radiant and without halos, glasses, mirrors, crystals, laminated plastics, smalt and chromium surfaces. It is free of raw materials classified as allergens. It only contains rapidly biodegradable substances.

Instructions for use: STEER BEFORE USE.

Spray the product on the surfaces for treatment and remove the dirt with a piece of cloth. The product is self-drying.

For the cleaning of delicate plastic materials, you are advised to test the application of the product in a hidden angle.

The composition (art. 8 L. 7/86, Reg 648/2004/CE): it doesn’t contain surfactants. It doesn’t contain conservatives. It doesn’t contain phosphorus. Art. 2 and 4 L. 136/83:

Biodegradability > 90%.