Show Your Prized Possession More Love
With Dettaglioauto® Windshield Film

If you’re looking to add an extra layer of protection to your vehicle, car windshield films from Dettaglioauto can help. We manufacture solutions that set the standard for quality and durability.

Many car owners view their vehicles as practical investments, while others consider their cars extensions of themselves. Whatever your stance is, it’s vital that you equip your vehicle with windshield protection films to keep shattered glass together and protect yourself and your passengers in the process.

Protect your classic, luxury, or high-performance vehicle and its original look and value with innovative Dettaglioauto ® windshield protection film. Because your vehicle is more than a car — it’s your prized possession. At Dettaglioauto, we carry high-impact protective windshield films that reduce the risk of vehicle damage and personal injury during accidents. Whether you drive a compact vehicle, a robust pickup, or a valuable sports car, our car films will help keep your windshield in one piece even if the glass does break.

  • Offers Faster Run-Offs
    It can be challenging for drivers to see cars and other obstructions ahead of them when driving in rain or snowstorms, posing dangers on the road. Luckily, rain and snow run off easily when using Dettaglioauto, resulting in better visibility.
  • Optically Clear
    Dettaglioauto is optically clear like glass and seamlessly integrates with your car’s windshield, so you never have to worry about altering your car’s appearance. And due to their remarkable clarity, our car windshield film will never impede your vision on the road.
  • Is Guaranteed
    Dettaglioauto will not bubble, peel, crack, or yellow while under warranty, meaning your glass will maintain its visual appeal for years to come.
  • Is Scratch-Resistant
    Our windshield protection film stands up to everyday abrasions like windshield wipers, rock chips, and dirt, helping you prolong the life of the glass.
  • Maintains the Value
    Dettaglioauto windshield protection preserves the original windshield of your luxury or classic car, maintaining your glass’s cosmetic and structural integrity for longer.

  • Protects Vehicles’ Interiors
    Though we may not think about it often, our skin can absorb sunlight when we’re behind the wheel. Our windshield protection guards passengers against 99.9% of the sun’s harmful UV rays, reducing the risk of skin damage for drivers.
  • Helps Keep Windshields Intact
    Your car’s windshield can cause serious harm to drivers and passengers in the event of unexpected impact. During an accident, Dettaglioauto increases protection to you and your passengers by helping to hold shattered glass together.
  • Absorbs the Impact
    Our windshields regularly endure impact from external forces while on the road. Dettaglioauto absorbs that impact, significantly reducing the occurrence of rock chips, pitting, and bulls’ eyes and leaving the glass in pristine condition.
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty
    Dettaglioauto is covered by a Manufacturer’s Warranty. Ask for details.